Monthly Archives: September 2012

Loved, old and fat= happy


Daddy, can I see that Teddy bear?

Then I told him,

Ethan did you know that daddy gave mommy that Teddy bear a long time ago because he loved her?


loved? Past tense?


ha! I guess so! Now you’re stuck with me. Bills, mortgage and 2 kids.


wow! This bear must be REALLY OLD!!!

flashback to last night:
Ethan: *with an evil grin*

daddy your tummy is HUGE!

*chris just looks at me like wth?*

Back to the present:

See, Daddy, things change. Love is now a thing of the past, we are old and you’re huge. It’s all good. We are happy like this; loved, old and fat!

Please note the sarcasm in our comments. We express love in this family by teasing. It’s how we roll.