Monthly Archives: November 2011

A Proposal


Last night I told Ethan to go to bed and he took off running saying “ok mommy!”.

This made me suspicious, of course, because normally bedtime starts with “no!”, “I’m not tired!” or “but I’m gonna miss it”.

(‘it’ being anything that is on tv or happening.)

Don’t get me wrong, once he’s in bed, he’s good. He’s asleep, but getting him there is a process.

So anyhow, imagine my surprise when I come into my room and I see my boy in the middle of my bed, blankets to his chin, fake snoring.

I said, “um… No. You need to go to your bed. This is mommy and daddy’s bed.”

He says, “but I want to sleep with someone!”

I said, “well, when you grow up youll meet a pretty girl and marry her. Then you don’t sleep by yourself anymore.”

He says, in a very serious tone, “I know a pretty girl. I will marry her right now. Mommy, will you marry me?”

at that moment my heart melted…

I told him that I was already married to daddy, but I’d be happy to lay with him, in his bed, until he fell asleep. He said, “okay!” and was knocked out in just a few seconds.