Trains. Trains. Trains.


My child is obsessed with trains. He loves them and I mean LOVES them. His world revolves around trains. When he can see them, ride them, play with them, everything.


My current world is revolving around trying to get him to poop in the potty.


I think our worlds collided today and for the good!

Today he and I were playing with his trains in his room. He said he was building an airport and the trains were taking supplies in. I was in charge of being the crane who lifted the supplies up and out of the trains.

Then, Ethan farts, loudly. He bursts into a fit of giggles. I tell him that he needs to go sit on the potty now. He freaks out because “I gotta finish my airport!”.

He’s been into MarioKart lately, so I tell him to ‘pause it’ and go potty. He, surprisingly, and successfully goes.
(don’t worry, I will spare you any other details)

As we are washing hands, he says, “mommy! My farts are like train whistles! When you hear a train whistle, you know a choo choo is coming! When you hear a fart, you know poop is coming! I get it!”

Hey. Whatever works.


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  1. LOL i love that kid. my son used to be obsessed with trains too. i always feel a little sad when i see Thomas the Train, because it reminds me so much of my son. he sold his collection on ebay last year, and got $250 for it. he used it to buy legos.

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