On Sunday nights, Chris and I watch True Blood at 9pm. This show is somewhat scary for a grown up, let alone a 3 year old.

Now we know little man stays up late, so we always try to prep him for bed on Sundays with a warm bath, to no luck.

He doesn’t like ‘scary things’ so we told him that he had to stay in his room while we watched it and he obeyed.

About 5 minutes before the show ended, we hear, “Mommy! Daddy! Come see what I did!”. So we tell him we will come in a few minutes.

When we enter, he is standing there proudly, with his hands on his hips.


He said, “ta-daaaaaa!” with a smug little grin on his face and pointed to his train track. (picture taken after the fact)

We both praised him for building such an awesome track and he nodded his head, climbed up on the bed, put his hands in the air and shouted,

“I am a choo choo expert!!”

I never knew I could be so proud of someone for putting train tracks together.

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