Favorite Color


Does your kid have a favorite color? Is s/he obsessed with it?

My child does.


Everything has to be green. Clothes, shoes, bike, toys, blankets, sunglasses and now, as of this morning…green food.

He wanted a green waffle for breakfast. I talked him out of that, since, ya know, waffles are frozen in this house.

For lunch today, he asked for green Mac n cheese. I told him that I only had yellow.

He stood there with his hand on his hips, thought for a moment (you’re not getting outta this one, ma) and said, with a very matter of fact tone,

“da bubba guppies say if you put boo in da well-wo it will make geen!”

Translation: (The Bubble Guppies say if you put blue in the yellow it will make green.)

I guess you can’t argue with that. :-/



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