August Mini Vacation


We just got back from a small 5 day trip to WV. I didn’t have time to update because I was flying solo as a parent for most of those days. Daddy went on his “men only” camping trip on Bald Knob, WV so Mommy and Ethan went to visit grandparents, aunts and uncles.

First we went to a cousin’s birthday party and let me tell you, my child is so in his own world. Each time we are around a large group of children, Ethan could care less, he’d rather play alone.


“All by myself…I wanna be…all by myself.”
(yes I changed the lyrics)

Although I will say, he had his first piñata experience at this birthday party and it must be innate (piñata instincts?) because little man knew exactly what to do.


Nobody comes between my boy and his candy. He filled his bag right up.

After the party, he promptly passed out in the car and didn’t wake until morning. (score! I love birthday parties!)

We made it to grandma’s house where Aunt Nikki was visiting from AZ. He was so thrilled to see her than he punched her a few times, spit on her and maybe even bit her. (they have a special love/hate relationship, since birth, no idea why)

I took him to my parents church on Sunday. He didn’t want to be in the nursery with the other kids, so he had to sit with me. (?!?!)
Actually, he behaved pretty well, playing musical laps between me, pap, uncle Sean and gaga.
He even had some things to say. At one point, the preacher said, “and he was dead!”. Ethan shouts out, “who’s dead?! Is he dead? Where the dead?”

And if that wasn’t enough, the preacher says something about “the presence of God!”. Ethan shouts, “where are the presents?! Mommy! He said there are presents from God.”


After church we went out to eat, then a little shopping and back to Gaga and Pap’s for swimming…


And a little gardening.

Then Uncle Sean dared him to lick a 9 volt battery…


Which would have been funny, except Ethan had no reaction other than, “yuck”.
Turns out the battery was dead.

The next day, we decided to be adventurous and hit up the Pittsburgh Zoo and Kennywood on the same day. (yes, with a three year old who barely napped!)

After the enormous task of getting ourselves and him out the door, we make it 3 miles down the road and discover we have a flat tire.



I mean, come on, that tire still had some life to it. :/

After some creative planning (hey, dad! Will you fix my car like you did 15 years ago so I can go to the zoo?) and switching cars, we were on our way.

Ethan loved the zoo, but Mommy only took 3 pictures. 1 of which had my child in it.


There ya go. The Pittsburgh Zoo with Ethan and Aunt Nikki.

After a quick lunch, we made our way to Kennywood.

He rode the Old Mill (Garfield’s Nightmare is the new name, but it will forever be Old Mill to me) and insisted on sitting in the back of the boat with Grandma.

And there you have it, the only picture from Kennywood.

MOTY right here.

He did ride the Jackrabbit, “hold me tight wif two hands, mommy!” and the Raging Rapids, where we all got drenched by the waterfall as I jumped across the boat to keep my baby from falling out.
He won’t ride that again, until he’s 11. I dont care if he’s tall enough, he slipped right out of that seat!

We also rode some kiddie rides, the Turtle and got some Potato Patch Fries.

Aunt Nikki introduced him to games and won him some toys, then we were on our way.

We spent the next day visiting Great Mammaw and then hanging with Pap and Uncle Sean. Then he “helped” Uncle Kevin build a garage. Kevin let him spread concrete on blocks and Ethan thought he was really doing something.

He was really glad to go home to daddy but screamed OH ONLY ABOUT 3 HOURS in the car that he wanted to go back to see his grandparents.

And that’s where I’ve been the past few days. I’m sure I’ll have more funnies from my boy soon, there were plenty of funny comments this weekend, but I didn’t write them down, so of course I can’t remember. :/

I gotta go now because someone is climbing on me saying
“I’m gonna get you little girl!”

That’s his finger waving in my face.


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