The Best Mommy in the Whole World


I just finished tutoring a rising 3rd grader. Ethan cries when he leaves and says, “but mommy, why he come here?”

I explained, in the simplified toddler version, as “I am helping him with his homework.”

“Mommy! I want you to help me with my homework!”

So I busted out an old Kindergarten workbook and showed him how to trace some shapes and letters.

‘I know how to do dis! I do dis at school, mommy!’.

*hangs head in shame that this teacher mother has not taught her 3 yr old to read chapter books yet*


After about 5 minutes of intense workbook working, he exclaims,
“Mommy! You the best mommy in the whole world! Thank you for helping me with my homework too! I like doing homework!”

For some reason, I felt the need to document this statement since I can only imagine in a year or two he will change his tune.


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