That NOT Nice!


After I wrote that last post, I woke up to my child jumping on my bed, saying, “Mommy! Mommy! We go to the jump jump place, we get my hair cut and we go to the nye-nye place.” (french fry place)

Um, what? Where did he get that? Last night it was just the “jump jump place”?!

He is just like his father, planning my entire day.


Ready to go, mom?

Gimme a minute, baby.


Ok, now I’m ready.

So we head to the “jump jump place” (bounce house) and I get ready to put up my ‘mom dukes’. These places stress me out, but my kid loves it and he gets really good and worn out.

He had a blast. He jumped and rode slides ’til his little heart was content.
We only had 1, believe it or not, run in with *that* kid. You know, the one that you want to pin up by his britches? Or the one who acts completely out of control, but his mother is nowhere to be found?


See him there, in the lower left hand corner? Yeah. 10 seconds after I snapped this sweet little picture of my boy happily playing, Spawn of Satan ATTACKS my child, smacking him in the arms and face while trying to pull him out of the car. All the while, Ethan is screaming, “That NOT nice!”, at Satan’s Spawn, through his tears.

*sigh, here comes the ‘mom dukes’ *

I waited about .5 seconds for his Nowhere To Be Seen Mother to intervene and when she didn’t, I grabbed Lil Satan by the arm, pulled him off my kid and said “oh no! I don’t think so, Buddy. He is playing with that, it’s not your turn and it’s not ok to hit.”
He SCREAMS at me, “I want to play with it!”.
I told him “too bad” and “get away from my kid”. (Even though, inside I was saying, “I don’t really care WHAT you want, Satan’s Spawn.”) He ran off to his mother, ya know, The Lady Sitting On The Bench Next to Me This Whole Time. (?!!?!! And sorry, she has a long name)
Lady Sitting On The Bench Next to Me This Whole Time says, “no honey he’s using that, go play somewhere else.”


Immediately, I feel the need to apologize to her for fussing at her kid and grabbing his arm, ya know, in order to protect MY kid from him because its sorta inappropriate to touch someone else’s kid. She says, “oh it’s ok! Ha ha ha! Sometimes he needs man handled!”

Ha. Ha. Ha. Right.

Meanwhile my child is balling his eyeballs out, still screaming “That NOT nice!”, because he can not figure out for the life of him why this kid was so mean to him and hit him, unprovoked.

Suspicious of all evil children now.

After that, the rest of our visit went smoothly, until big huge 13 yr old kids showed up and were completely out of control.
He jumped, rode slides, played foose ball and beat me at air hockey.



I took him to the “nye-nye” place (McDs) where he asked for nuggets and a smoothie. He asked me all about where his Paps work and what they do, he said “hi” to a biker and when the biker didn’t respond, (asshole), he said to me, “mommy? Why he no say hi back? That NOT nice!” I said, “I don’t know baby, it’s ok, maybe he can’t hear you.”

He then screamed at the biker, “that NOT nice!”

And so we left McDs.

I managed to avoid the unneeded yet, requested, haircut and brought him home.
He promptly looked like this


All in all, a good day.


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