So blessed.


Today was a good day. I was a little worried how it was going to go, I had an IEP meeting for Ethan’s speech at the local elementary school and I hadn’t found a sitter for him. The last time I took him to the school for one of these meetings, he was, to say the least, unpleasant.


Let me also share the “behavior observation” from that visit….

“cooperation was limited…” have you met a 3 year old before? Duh!

Alas, we made it out the door on time, snacks, juice and Leapster2 in hand and a big pep talk all the way there.

We get there and he was an angel. He played and was quiet and


Not mine, surely.

I was so proud, I asked him where he wanted to go to eat.

Target. For “Target pizza” was his matter-of-fact answer. Well, okay!


What can I say? The boy loves some Target pizza.

We get home and play, take naps and he is all around pleasant and nice. No tantrums, no whining. HE USED THE POTTY.

Oh wait, did I say no tantrums? I totally lied. He threw a 15 minute massive fit because “I’m not tired!” that ended like this…


Mm hmmm.

When Daddy got home, he wanted to go out for wing night so he took his favorite little buddy.


Followed by mama taking him for ice cream. (hey now, I can’t be one-upped by some stupid wings. I was número uno for getting him the Target pizza like 5 hours ago.)


He declared his “chocolate ice cream with gummy bears inside” the “best ice cream in the whole world, thank you Mommy for buying me dis!!!”


Don’t judge, I need points right now.

As I put him to bed, he says, “mommy sleep in my bed, for a little bit.” (um ok!!) “hold me” (nooo problem)

I said to him, “are you my boy forever?” he said, “mm hmmm and Daddy’s boy too forever”
I replied, “that makes me happy. You are the best boy in the world.”

He said, “you the best mommy in the world.” (At this moment, my heart melted.)

I thought he was asleep until 5 or so minutes later, he says, “mommy? I love you. You a good mommy. You my best friend. We go to the jump jump place tomorrow?” (bounce house)

You betcha, buddy.


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