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I’m telling everyone to start here with this blog, because if you’re on my FB all the posts below are repeats. (I made most of the posts private, so as not to bug you with a jumbled mess.) I just wanted a safe place to keep everything I had posted on there. It’s kind of a jumbled mess before today’s post, but I wanted to keep the memories somewhere safe for Ethan to read someday when he’s older.
I really enjoyed reading all the things that I wrote about him from the day I announced my pregnancy to the day he learned to crawl, walk and talk. It was like a perfect baby book with dates and times for events.
My intention for this blog is to be about him and stuff he does and says. I hope he enjoys it when he’s older.
I love being a mommy and this boy has brought me more joy and love than I ever knew existed.

Tonight I had to give Hercules (the cat) a bath because Ethan decided to pull his pants down and pee on him. I discovered this bc he started yelling “mommy! I pee on kitty-cat! hee hee hee” OMG. September 11, 2010 at 10:19 pm

Sweetie, don’t pee on the cat.


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