Cue Daddy


Potty training sucks. I mean really sucks, I know he knows what to do, he just doesn’t care. At all.

I’ve tried everything. Positive reinforcement, ignoring, negative reinforcement, everything. Candy, tattoos, praise, sad faces, dancing… I could go on and on.

The kid just doesn’t care. He goes more often than he has accidents, but FREAKS THE HELL out if I take him against his will-even when he needs to go.

Right now we are in a “mommy sucks stage” only Daddy can take him to the potty, just like only Daddy can do most things. While this provides a nice break for me, sometimes Daddy is unavailable.

Prime example-the other day, I take him to pee in a public place, against his will (no! Daddy take me! Nooooooo!) and he proceeds to scream as if I am branding him with a hot iron in the public stall.


Then he gets pissed. Literally. He grabs his penis, pulls it up to aim it at my face in the stall and half growls/half laughs and says “take me to daddy now, or I pee on your FACE”.

Cue Daddy.


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