A throwback…



2 years old is a trip

So my son is now 2 years old and it’s in full force. He walks, talks, screams, plays, uses the potty(sometimes) and laughs nonstop. I am loving it. I really like this age. I feel much more comfortable now with him than I did awhile back. I love the infant stage, but the constantly worried about him getting into things stage is not my cup of tea. Now he knows what is ok, not ok and asks permission for most things he is uncertain of- or at least stops if you say no. He’s a good boy. I am enjoying every bit of this age.

I like to think I was a good kid, easy going, not ornery, etc. The stories I hear about my husband are quite the same. My child, however…
not so much

I honestly don’t know where it comes from. This kid is so freakin’ funny. I am going to get so many notes/phone calls/comments on report cards from teachers because he is going to constantly be teasing or cutting up in class.
For example:
He is a back seat driver now. He also knows his colors and some of the road signs. He will yell, “mommy stop!” when he sees a stop sign. He will yell, “go faster! woo!” and “GO!”. He knows his colors, so he tells you what color the lights are:
red: “wed, mommy. STOP!”
green:”geen, mommy, GO!”
yellow: “well-wo. GO FASTER!”
But he also likes to eff with you and tell you the light is a different color. He’ll know the light is red and he’ll yell ‘geen, mommy, GO! hee hee hee’ and the like.
He thinks he is hilarious, especially if I let off the brake a second and hit it again. (Then he’ll go ‘wooo! hee hee hee’)
Guess I should just let him drive, eh?
Also, he tells jokes now too. We made a quick stop at the grocery store to pick something up for dinner and while daddy was in the store, Ethan announces that he is ‘hungee mommy!‘. I tell him that daddy is getting something in the store and that we will go home and eat dinner in a few minutes. He starts to cry and says “noooooo! I hungee now!” and I tell him that Im sorry and to please be patient. He pouts a bit, then giggles and says “mommy? I hungee. I eat a truck. hee hee hee hee hee
apparently, this is really funny stuff, ya’ll

He also thinks it is beyond hilarious to scream in a sleeping person’s face “WAKE UP! RAWR!”. To which he laughs uncontrollably and falls to the ground. It is especially hilarious now that he sleeps in a ‘big boy bed’ and gets out on his own and comes in our room at 8am on Saturday morning.
insane giggling

But it’s not so funny when you do it back to him…
“hee hee hee”

He is learning to use the potty now and doing pretty well for being 2 years 2 months old. This morning, while Hercules (the cat) is sunbathing, minding his own business, E decides to go up and pet him in the sun. Herc is a gentle (and fast) cat, so I don’t worry too much and I go back to what I am doing. Next thing you know, my child pulls his pants down, whips out his boy parts and begins to pee on the cat. All the while yelling “MOMMY! I pee on kittycat! HEE HEE HEE!”
Now I am bleeding from bathing a cat.
2 years old is fun.

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