Take your baby to work day



I got to spend some time with Ethan today at work. His sitter is a parent of a Kindergartener and since they had their awards assembly today, he was at school so I brought him into my class for an hour. It was so sweet to seem him so excited to see the students and the students were so pumped to see him. A boy in my class sat on the floor and played matchbox cars with him and it was a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e.He just squealed and babbled and was delighted. ahhhh. I love this child.

Seeing him today when I am usually in the midst of worrying about other children than mine made me long to be a stay at home mom. He’s changing so much so quickly and I hate that I’m missing 7 hours of his waking time. ugh. I know he’s in good hands, so much that I dont worry about him at all during the day, but I still wish it was me taking care of him.

even on the days I know he is being a brat.

He is starting to walk but he clearly favors crawling. He realizes crawling is much faster, but he has taken a few steps. Its so exciting but sad, I wish that I could have been with him this first year, you can’t get a redo on that stuff. gahhhhh.. 😦

He talks too, when he wants to, he says dada, up, and will repeat various sounds you make. Yesterday we took him to party city to look for 1st birthday stuff and Chris put a pirate hat on him and Chris said ‘arrr’ and Ethan totally repeated it, I could have died laughing right there in the store. Since I laughed, Ethan just kept saying ‘Arrr’ with this huge-a-mongous pirate hat on his head. hysterical.

He learned to turn the tv on and off yesterday too. A friend reminded me that batteries die, good thing. Even though I think its so cute to see his amazement everytime he turns it on and disappointment everytime he turns if off. LOL

We started planning his first birthday party yesterday and I’m so happy but sad at the same time. He’s not a baby anymore, he’s a toddler. 😦 Its only going to get worse.

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