Christmas 2009





Naughty and Nice: The Nice Version

Since my Christmas vacation ends tomorrow and I haven’t blogged in a month, I thought I’d do a ‘Naughty and Nice’ version of a blog in order to get out all the good and smartass thoughts I’ve had during the 2 week stay at my ILs….

Let’s do the Nice List first, ya know, to be nice.
Nice List
1. Ethan got the HOOK UP from Santa this year. He has been such a good boy!
this is only HALF the living room-
the red ones are for ‘youknowwho’,
oh and the tractor too.
2. Christmas is so much more fun when you have a kid. Although he didn’t quite get it that, ‘yes, this toy is for you, now put it down and open the next one‘ and we had trouble getting him to focus, I think its safe to say he likes his toys.
3. Mama got the HOOK UP from Santa too. Santa Claus surprised me very, very much this year. Santa got a little mixed up when Mommy said she didn’t want anything for Christmas and told Santa to give all her gifts to Ethan. Apparently, he thought I wanted him to bring me extra.
On the Wednesday before Christmas we went out to dinner with the ILs and to Oglebay to see the lights. Olgebay is a special place to us, as it is where we got engaged and they are as obsessed with Christmas as my Santa Claus. When we pulled in the parking lot, SC asked me to look under the seat in the car for a CD he lost, there wasn’t a CD under the seat, but a pretty little silver box. Santa brought me a diamond and ruby ring! I love Santa, he always surprises me so much. What a perfect place to give me this ring, just like he did 6 years ago. I can’t explain how much I love this man.
sorry this image is so big, but this Christmas, my heart is so FULL….
I can’t figure out how to edit the images to be smaller because


Oh yes, you heard that right, I got a BRAND SPANKING NEW, SONY VAIO Series NW LAPTOP, with 4GB ram, Blue Ray player, Windows 7, webcam (oh I can’t wait to do a video blog) all the bells and whistles imaginable and WOW! I was really doubly surprised this Christmas.
One of the best Christmas’ ever, not only did I get gifts that I actually WANTED and LIKE (not even trying to be snobby, just honest) but I was honestly and truly surprised!
My mom (and dad) did pretty awesome too, got me some gift cards
I falalala love gift cards!
and a necklace with black diamonds that I LOVE LOVE LOVE. Usually mom and I have such different tastes, but she scored with this one. I absolutely love it.
My SILs did good too, E got me a Coach wallet to match my Coach purse and J got me the Wii game I wanted, the ILs also got me the only other Wii game I wanted. (I think SC helped them out a bit.. but thats great! I was surprised) an
d the GparentsIL got me 100 bucks in GC to various places–wooo! I had an awesome Christmas, albeit I was humbly surprised and flattered that people bought me such nice things. I really don’t deserve it or need it. I did get lots of other stuff and gift cards from other people, so if I left you off, its not because I didn’t love your gift. I really didnt get any bad gifts this year.. really!
All I needed to be happy this Christmas is for my little boy to be smiling and excited, and OH HE WAS. Of course SC could have brought him one stinkin’ Thomas the Train and he would have been ecstatic, or at least some wrapping paper…
wooo paper!!

4. I got to see my grandparents. I stop and see them every time I am in town, but I didn’t know how things would turn out this year, since Mammaw’s been sick. I love them so much. They are such special people. My Mammaw isn’t the same, but at times the ‘old self’ shines through the confusion. I miss talking to her about things, but I know she is happy to see all of us. She was able to hold my baby this visit, and that meant the world to me. I hate that he wasn’t here sooner in life so she could have really enjoyed him before her mind got so sick, but at least she asked (a few times!) and was able to hold him this time. Merry Christmas to me.

I always dreamt about sharing my babies with my Mammaw and Pappaw and even though she can’t comprehend stories about him like I want to tell her and he can’t play like I imagined with my son, it means the world to me that 2 very special people to me when I was a kid have met my kid. I can’t describe the pain I feel when I think about how he will never know them like I knew them. Good thing I have great stories about them.

5.I also got to see a few of my cousins and my Aunt. Really its not about ME seeing them, its about everyone being together. It makes me happy and sad at the same time, cause trust me this is part of the naughty version too. lol. The one thing I HATE about Richmond; I really miss my family. (DISCLAIMER: I dont miss the drama, just the people and get togethers and just plain talking to people that love you for no good reason)
It makes me super homesick, but I love when my extended family is together. It makes me feel like a part of something bigger, and seeing how our family is growing up and I get all sentimental and sad. A family is powerful. I am not sure I saw this before I had a child, but the ties, traditions, thinking and love that is passed down is so amazing to me. And to think it started way before those two people in the pictures above got together. Pretty incredible stuff when you track the history. I just wonder what those great great relatives would think if they could see us now and how its changed and grew.
Speaking of changing and growing— welcome to the family Brianne! 🙂
6. I got to co sleep with my sweet lil man the past two weeks since there is no crib here at the ILs. Oh how I love to cuddle with him.
Well I was going to type up the Naughty version tonight, but ya’ll will have to wait for it, because I am reddin’ up to go back to Richmond in a big snowstorm tomorrow and I need my night nights. I also have a baby boy who passed out to his PERSONAL DVD PLAYER with Thomas the Train video (all from Auntie J) who needs tending to.
insert cute picture of baby traveling back to Richmond here


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