A favorite blog entry of mine.


 The best weekend ever… well, except for the birth of my child.

I am a big celebrator of anniversaries. Not in the gift giving sort of way, just the acknowledgment sort of way. I am pretty good at remembering birthdays too. I’m not sure why, its just how I am.I love the first week of December. It brings back such awesome memories for Chris and I. I was student teaching 4th grade in WV. I thought things were a bit odd, when my teacher told me to take Friday off and enjoy my weekend. I told Chris about it and he said, “wow I’m off Friday too, lets do something.”little did I know, he arranged this with my teacher…So that Friday he told me he had tickets to a show. He picked me up at my house and we went to Wheeling, Capitol City Music Hall to see “The Nutcracker Ballet”. I am such a sheltered child, I didn’t know that the Nutcracker was something other than a Disney flick (that I’d never seen, BTW). My parents were so worried when I was growing up that I wouldn’t remember that ‘Jesus is the Reason for the Season’, I didn’t know much else about the holiday.Then he suggested we go see the lights in Oglebay, since we were there anyhow. Oglebay is usually a traffic DISASTER, and with me being the ‘sheltered child’ who never knew/understood the decor, lights, Santa stuff, I almost turned him down for this. The lights were beautiful and turns out my amazing boyfriend had dinner reservations at theWilson Lodge . I had never been there before, but when I walked in the room, my first thought was “OMG he is going to propose here”. (we had been dating 6 YEARS at this point, so I expected it almost every freaking day) It fit the cliche of proposing in a restaurant, with the fine dining, and big glass windows overlooking the golf course adorned with Christmas lights.

But he didn’t.

I was so confused. It was weird, like what the heck, why didn’t he? This was perfect, an awesome night out, we are both graduating college in a few weeks. WHAT?!
We’ve been dating for 6 years!!! WHAT?!
Its not like we didn’t talk about moving away together this summer!!! WHAT?!

this is the image that came up when I googled irritated, just go with it.

So I sucked it up and didn’t let on to my disappointment when we left. That’s when all the sneaky plans came into play. We got in the car, then he said he needed to run back into the lodge to ‘check the gift shop for something for his mom’. I stayed in the car, he took FOREVER and came out with nothing. Then we drove around the park for a minute and pulled into a parking spot in front of the hotel. He said, ‘lets get out’. (?!?!) I am still like what the heck? Then he pulls out my suitcase and his from the trunk and I was still in shock. I ask him ‘whats going on?’ and he says ‘we are staying here tonight, I had your mom pack a suitcase for you’.

We got settled into the room and then he tells me that he almost forgot to show me the Nutcracker ornament that came with the tickets to the show. I am less than enthusiastic about the ornament because my DH has a bit of an annoying obsession with Christmas ornaments. (What do you think he told me he went into the gift shop to look for?)

He hands it to me and I am like Ok, cool. Then he says “open it up, it opens up”. I open it up and inside is the ring and he is on one knee asking me to be his wife. WOOOHOOO! That was an awesome surprise! Of course I said yes. But then of course I had to give him a hard time for putting me through the “is he going to do this in front of everyone in this cliche restaurant” and he just laughs. We call our parents and celebrate. It was FABULOUS.

He tried to eat my ring!
nom nom nom

The next morning, I ask him what we are going to do today. (Saturday) and he suggests we go to Amish Country. (boring!) but I say ok, because I am so happy. As we are driving, I have no idea where Amish Country is and I don’t even notice that we are going to Pittsburgh until we pull into the AIRPORT. My first thought is, we have to FLY to get to Amish Country? Do they have an airport there? I thought they rode around on horses?!?!

I love the Amish. They make good wine and cheese.

I just play along and keep looking at him suspiciously. He hands me a plane ticket to Denver, CO. Again, WHAT? I know the Amish are not in Denver, so I know he lied. He says just go with it, so I do.

We land in Denver, and I start to panic,’ do my parents know where I am?’ I am clear across the country and I don’t feel comfortable with no one knowing where I am. He says they know all of our plans. I go to the bathroom and call them on my cell to be sure I am not being kidnapped. (HAHAHA)
They laugh and won’t tell me what is going on. Gee, thanks Mom and Dad… thought you were on my side.

uh oh.

Once we are in Denver, we eat lunch at the airport and he hands me another plane ticket to Las Vegas. NOW, WE ARE TALKING! He is so freaking proud of himself for pulling this off. I love it. I get nervous, like ‘are we getting married in Vegas today’? OMG!

I kinda don’t wanna be THAT girl

When we get to Vegas its December and 90 degrees, which is sooo freaking cool. Then I discover that my dear fiance is the MOST AMAZING PLANNER OF TRIPS EVER.

I would have said yes if this was what he gave me.

We stayed at the Bellagio hotel and casino. UM, HELLO!! We didn’t just stay at the Bellagio, he got us a FREAKING PENTHOUSE. We had hotel escorts to the room. The ‘room’, which is bigger than my parentsHOUSE, had 3 bathrooms and overlooked the amazingly, beautiful desert and Palms hotel.

We spent the rest of the night walking all over Vegas until 6am, in and out of casinos, Fremont Street, riding rides at the Stratosphere, etc. It was awesome. The next morning, 2 hours after we got home from walking the Strip, he makes me get on a Tour Bus and we drive forever. (At this point I stop asking what is going on, since he won’t tell me)

The tour bus takes us to the Hoover Dam and even though I never thought about the Hoover Dam much before it really is beautiful. Although, right before we drove onto the dam, army reservists searched our bus, and us, for weapons of mass destruction, thank you Sept 11.

It was kinda like this.

I thought this was it and we get back in the bus and keep going, farther away from Vegas. Hmmmmm…..We were on Rt.66 and I thought that was super cool, and I bought a bunch of postcards at a gas station on the way. So I thought that was it.

In case you haven’t noticed, my geography skills are baaaad. I didn’t even know this stuff was close to each other.

they invented the GPS because of people like me

We finally stop again, and its all of a sudden, it is FREEZING again. We are in Arizona and at the Grand Canyon. I couldn’t believe it. We hiked all over the top of it and toured it and drank hot apple cider with hot dogs. We bought Indian pottery, picture frames and blankets. We ate dinner at this little restaurant that used to be a train station. Then we headed back for another night on the strip.

We took the Red Eye back to Pittsburgh and when he brought me home. (I was living in my great grandma’s house all alone at the time) it was all cleaned up and decorated for Christmas. He made his mom, my mom and his grandparents clean my house top to bottom and decorate it for Christmas. He bought and decorated a beautiful tree for me. I had never seen a tree so pretty. He covered it in Polonaise ornaments. That night our entire family came over to celebrate and it was the first time both our families had been in the same room. (and the last time until our wedding, birth of our child, Ethan’s birthday, and that’s it so far. lol)

We moved to Richmond Aug 4, 2004, got married July 9, 2005, had Ethan July 17, 2008 and here we are…

He never ceases to surprise me and its one of the many reasons why I love him.


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